My first jewelry studio wasn’t a studio at all. It was a folding table in my master bedroom. Later, it was a small, windowless room in my basement.

And then it was this dreamy space–a beautiful, light-filled studio above my garage. I designed this space to give our team a place to design, to create, and to build. This is where we refined our brand and dared to imagine bigger things.

We loved this space. Our little team became a larger team here. We crafted countless pieces of jewelry, hosted events and classes, and watched the seasons change. Sometimes there were kids and dogs and flowers and music, and sometimes there was just one or two of us, quietly working in companionable silence.

The things we built here allowed us to launch into our new retail space and studio. My kids have claimed the old space for their own. But it will always hold a place in our hearts … a lovely step in our journey.

Jewelry Studio

jewelry studio

Jewelry Studio

Jewelry StudioJewelry Studio

Jewelry Studio

Jewelry Making

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Sarah Cornwell