Everything comes full circle…

When I first started designing, I made each piece as a one of a kind, full of heart and creativity. I had total creative autonomy and I wanted that to shine through in every bit of my line.  


Of course, as nearly every startup story goes, I had to scale as my business grew. That meant streamlining processes, condensing my designs and simplifying across the board. It just didn’t make sense anymore to make each piece one of a kind. Still, I’m an artist and I needed to find a way to express my design philosophy at a high quality for more people than ever. 


That’s how limited edition collections have emerged here at Sarah Cornwell Jewelry. It’s how I keep my design perspective consistent and at the center of every piece we make. It’s what, I hope, my customers connect with and come back to again and again for special pieces that reflect not only our brand, but our customers’ collective sense of timeless style. 


Selfishly, the limited edition collections have re-stoked my design spirit and truly made me so fantastically happy. 


Here’s what you’ll find in the limited edition collections at SJC: one of a kind pieces. Gemstones. Pearls. Unique, one of a kind designs. Plus, I get to daydream about colors, the way the light reflects off of the stones I hand-pick and how my customers might weave these pieces into daily life, celebrations, special milestone moments, gift giving and so much more. 


If  you find that special limited edition piece that calls to you, grab it! And know that I designed and created it with so much love and attention to detail. Every piece has a beautiful story; one I hope is furthered with each new owner. 


New “Limited Edition” pieces launch every Wednesday morning at 7am est.  


Follow SCJ on instagram for the sneak peaks and reminders: @sarahcornwelljewelry

Sarah Cornwell