I’ve thrown around a lot of adjectives here at Sarah Cornwell Jewelry to describe our line, who we design for and what we stand for. “Simple” is one of the words I use a lot in talking about my aesthetic, my design approach and my jewelry. 

It’s also a word I second-guess, fearing it means my designs are not polished or chic. The truth is, it’s really easy to attach to the notion that complexity translates to sophistication, maturity or even value. Maybe if an idea or a project is super involved, it requires greater skill or tacit knowledge? Maybe that’s where the secret sauce is? Maybe that’s what makes something special or sought-after?

Still, as I get older, I’m realizing there is incredible sophistication in simplicity. There’s a boundary in simplicity that requires discipline. It’s a practice of feeling your way through a process (or in my case a design process) that is as much about saying no as it is yes. When I’m working on a piece, I’m thinking through what the piece is, just as much as what it isn’t. And keeping my designs simple is exactly that practice of enforcing boundaries, enacting restraint in just the right places to land on a design that resonates. 

So when I throw around the word simple, it’s a way for me to share the incredible amount of thought and effort I put forth in holding true to the throughline of our work: versatility, tiny details that shine bright, classic lines and understated glamor.

My hope is that you see the beauty in simplicity everywhere around you. Life is complicated, busy, and messy. Whether you are wearing our pieces or giving them as gifts to loved ones, our pieces embrace simplicity. There will be more room in your life for love and joy if you make space for and embrace simplicity. 

Sarah Cornwell