What is permanent jewelry (Infinity Jewelry)….

Permanent jewelry is jewelry that you can’t take off (easily at least).  A piece of chain is fitted to your wrist and the ends of the chain are welded together instead of using a clasp. Typically a dainty, lightweight chain, you will barely feel on your wrist. 

Permanent jewelry makes perfect friendship bracelets, mother-daughter bracelets, sister-sister bracelets, and bridesmaids gifts.  Celebrate a special milestone like a graduation or birthday. Or just because it’s pretty!

Here's the breakdown on pricing. The average bracelet is approximately 7 inches while the average anklet is 9 inches. 

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14k Gold-Filled 
Rollo Chain- $14 per inch 
Halo Chain- $10 per inch
Savannah Chain- $9 per inch
Figaro Chain- $9 per inch
Sterling Silver
Rollo Chain- $10 per inch 
Halo Chain- $9 per inch
Savannah Chain- $8 per inch
Figaro Chain- $8 per inch
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General Information

How long does it take? 

The welding only takes a minute but the measuring and sizing process can take 10-15 minutes.

Can my permanent jewelry break? 

Because your permanent jewelry is measured to fit perfectly on your wrist, ankle, or necklace and does not have a clasp, it should not break. If it were to break, save the chain and it can be rewelded. If the chain is lost, a new chain will need to be purchased. Please note that these chains are dainty and lightweight. 

Can I get an infinity necklace or anklet?

Necklaces and anklets are more likely to get snagged, stretched, and break.  Necklaces and anklets are not covered under warranty. Bracelets tend to be safer in avoiding stretching and breaking.

What metals does SCJ offer?

14K Gold, 14K Gold Filled, and Sterling Silver. Please note that solid gold is the most durable and does not need to be polished to keep it shiny. 

Does permanent jewelry hurt?

Nope! There will be a piece of leather placed between your skin and the location that is being welded. 

Can children get permanent jewelry?

SCJ will not weld permanent jewelry onto children under the age of 12 years old. Anyone under 18 years old needs to have a parent present. 

How do I remove it?

You can use a pair of scissors to cut the chain off. If you have to remove the chain due to a surgery, MRI, or other mandatory activity, SCJ will reweld your jewelry back on for a $15 fee. 


Sarah Cornwell