Marin Bracelet

$154.00 AUD


The Marin bracelet is our new style crush.  A single stunning organically shaped peach-pink keshi pearl steals the spotlight, while a unique delicate circle chain highlights the star of the show.  Opulent and shimmery, the Marin bracelet will make a stunning statement on your wrist.  Wear it with our Doris earrings or our Josephine necklace for an elegant, pulled-together look.

- Approximately 7 3/4 inches long

- Choose from 14K Gold or Sterling Silver (find out more about our metals HERE)


When will I receive my order?

Personalized/custom pieces: 1-5 days for processing/production

Non personalized pieces: 1-3 days for processing/production

Shipping times are in addition to processing/production times. 

Please note that during holidays, additional time may be required for production and shipping..


Store your jewelry in a dry, air-tight container such as the plastic baggie your jewelry arrived in.  Store your jewelry away from other base metals. Exposure to hooks or trays made with base metals will cause jewelry to oxidize.Avoid exposing your jewelry to water. The minerals/chemicals in tap water, pools, saunas, beaches, etc. will cause jewelry to oxidize quickly. It is also a good idea to avoid lotions, oils and perfumes where your jewelry may lie.Remove your jewelry before working out or sleeping.

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