We all have that friend, family member...that person who means the world to us. And sometimes we struggle to find the perfect gift for them. Or maybe we want to show them love and support but just aren't sure how...

Insert our "Personalized Bangles"

I clearly remember a customer from a  few years ago... She had two daughters that had shown her unconditional love and support during a difficult time. She was teary eyed describing her two girls. I could feel the love right through the phone... she wanted to communicate to them her love and appreciation but, was not sure how. We brainstormed personalized messages to each of them and hand crafted bangles around this mom's beautiful "WORDS".

gold and silver bangles that are personalized with quotes, Sarah Cornwell Jewelry, Sarah Cornwell

"i'm possible"

"be a rainbow in someone's cloud"

"wherever you go, go with all your heart"


"you are your best thing"

"embrace the glorious mess you are"

"nothing to lose but something to gain"

"and still I rise"

"you are enough"

"success is a journey not a destination"

"love you to the moon and back"

We have two designs to choose from, both available in
14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver 

"Bridge Bangle", top stamped bangle 

"Claire Custom Bangle", side stamped so the writing faces the wearer

These are just a few ideas... who is "your person" and what would you say to them?