Jewelry design can be tricky. Wanting and needing “everyone” to LOVE my designs has in the past pulled me away from my true self. It left me not really sure of who I was as a designer and a brand.

On a grander level, we all do this right? We try to be something we are not. We try to make others happy, to fit in, to be accepted. It can be exhausting and frustrating. Our cup is never filled because that approval and acceptance doesn’t genuinely fill us. Being who we were created to be is the only way to truly be happy and keep our cup filled. It’s done by being our true selves.

I have learned that I love simplicity, neutral colors, comfort, classic style, and an overall refined look. This is who I am personally and ultimately what Sarah Cornwell Jewelry has become as a brand.

Don’t forget to check in with yourself every now and again at work and personally. Look deeper and see what feels like the real you–celebrate it and let it shine!

Sarah Cornwell