I discovered Montana sapphires during a late-night ramble around gemstone social media accounts and was instantly captivated. Sapphires have always been one of my favorite gems, but I was delighted to find that we are mining stunning sapphires right here in the US–and doing it using ethical, safe, and sustainable practices. Thanks to the strict mining regulations in the US, these stones have little environmental impact; many are collected from riverbeds rather than dug from the earth.

If you’ve seen our Montana sapphire rings, you know just how beautiful these stones can be. Their stunning colors range from pale yellow to brilliant blue, and the best-quality stones are naturally free of visible inclusions (that important “clarity” factor in gemstones). Their rainbow of colors includes a rich teal that I find especially beautiful--our oval Montana Sapphire ring is a perfect example. 

Montana sapphires were discovered by gold miners in the 1800s–and were usually discarded because these colorful “pebbles” were clogging their gold-mining equipment! It wasn’t until a prospector shipped samples to a renowned Tiffany’s gemologist that these stones were recognized as some of the finest, most precious sapphires found in the US. And because sapphires are second only to diamonds in hardness, they are highly durable and safe to wear in all types of jewelry. Montana sapphires have found their way into beautiful jewelry around the world (it’s rumored that the British Crown Jewels include a few!), and make a wonderful alternative to diamonds for those seeking an uncommon, ethical stone for wedding jewelry.

We carry one-of-a-kind Montana sapphire rings in our current collection, and we can custom-design a piece for you using a stone sourced to your specific wishes. Want to learn more? Send us an email! hello@sarahcornwelljewelry.com 

Sarah Cornwell