I’ve been thinking a lot about kindness lately, both in life and in my business. Being kind has always been a guiding principle for me, and as my business has grown I see every day how important it is.

As a woman-owned small business and a mom, I am around lots of wonderfully strong, creative, talented, and driven women. I have seen these skills/characteristics be used in some amazing ways, from lifting up a struggling mom by listening and offering support to sharing knowledge and experience with a woman just starting a business. It can be as simple and sweet as dropping off a meal, offering to watch someone else’s children or inviting another woman out for a glass of wine to share social ideas. It can be offering a hug or simply a “you’ve got this message” through a text. It’s all so important and meaningful.

On the other side I have seen and experienced women willing to knock others down, leave others out, and pass quick and harsh judgements. Most women have experience with this. It usually starts when we are children and it often continues into adulthood. I struggle to understand it. It makes me sad and frustrated. I am far from perfect but I try to choose KINDNESS in my decisions every day. I strongly believe that by embracing kindness in both our business and personal lives we all benefit.

Sarah Cornwell