I LOVE spending time with my girlfriends

and I LOVE getting away

and I LOVE giving gifts! 

Wether its a college roommate reunion, elementary school besties, a neighborhood of new friends, or two friends escaping to a small beach town for a weekend of wine, walks and laughs....take a little gift along with you to remind them of your special time together! 

I can't tell you how many purchases are made because of women's getaways and it makes me so HAPPY! 

As women we need to step away from the crazy "everyday" and remember who we really are and the important people that love us not because we are family but because we are awesome friends and people. 

Not sure how to choose? Here are some ideas:

5 College Roommates...

A gold necklace with 5 circles that represents 5 friends


Coordinates of the Hometown you grew in with your besties...

a gold and silver bangle with location coordinates on them


A simple pair of earrings just to let them know you were thinking about them...

Gold disc earrings with a hammered texture




Sarah Cornwell