My spring collection, Beauport, is inspired by a seaside respite I experienced last year. A dear friend and I had planned a quick trip up to Massachusetts near the end of the summer. My mom’s funeral had taken place several days before and my heart was heavy. With six kids in tow, we headed up north with plans to stop in at the Beauport Hotel in Gloucester. Upon arriving, the scene was not quite what I expected and I felt wistful and depleted as we made our way down a quiet back street, lined with worn-out commercial buildings.

We drifted through an empty parking lot and rounded the corner.  Towering white columns emerged, flanking a set of grand, heavy doors. They were rich and dark and looked like stained driftwood. Oversized iron door handles beckoned us inside. Massive windows, trimmed in black, framed a magnificent glass facade. I felt transported, weight lifting off my shoulders as I soaked in the deep blue colors and the rich details of the hotel.

For me, the crisp blue and white palette of the Beauport collection takes me back to that moment of calming peace, the sun kissing my cheeks and shoulders, and a cool breeze blowing gently past. Processing that moment through the creation of this collection has been a joy for me. It is a piece of my story that I am so pleased to be able to share.

With Gratitude,


Michelle Brady