Gemstones have many meanings and uses tracing back through history. Learning about the gemstone associated with your birth month is a great way to connect with its meaning and give it personal significance. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to wear your birthstone.

Balance and Alignment - Gemstones have a long history of use as a means to purify negative energy and feelings. Wearing your birthstone and connecting with its unique meaning can help give you a reminder to shift those negative thoughts to positive vibes. 

Healing and Energizing - In some practices and beliefs, gemstones are used as a tool to aid in the healing of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Gems each have their own unique properties and powers for which they have been used throughout history. Garnet, for example, is a regenerating stone that cleans and energizes all the chakras.

Luck and Protection - For centuries, people have worn gemstones to bring good luck and prosperity or ward away darkness. We don’t want to get too superstitious, but we believe wearing your birthstone in a meaningful piece of jewelry is a lovely way to wear something that makes you feel happy and grateful!

Garnet is the January birthstone and the gemstone for the 2nd wedding anniversary! A few fun facts:

  • The name garnet comes from an old word which means pomegranate.
  • Garnets come in a variety of colors including: orange, green, pink, and purple. But the most well known is the deep red color. The rarest colors of garnets are peach, green, and clear.
  • This stone is a symbol for lasting friendship. 
  • Garnets date as far back as far as 3800 BC, Egyptian times and can be found all over the world in igneous rocks such as granite and basalt.
Sarah Cornwell