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"Friends" Collection

We love our "Friends" collections. They will always be there for you!

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"Phoebe" Earrings

From  $76.00
Statement Earrings in Gold and Silver
Hammered Silver Earrings

"Friends" Earrings

From  $48.00

"Buffay" Earrings

From  $66.00
Silver Hammered Earrings

"Rachel" Earrings

From  $50.00
Everyday Hammered Earrings

"Monica" Earrings

From  $48.00
Pendant Necklace
Hammered Pendant Necklace

"Ross" Necklace

From  $56.00

"Chandler" Necklace

From  $64.00

"Joey" Necklace

Gold Jewelry Set
Hammered Earrings and Necklace Set

"Monica" Earrings & "Chandler" Necklace

From  $112.00
Gold Hammered Jewelry Set
Everyday Jewelry Set

"Rachel" Earrings & "Ross" Necklace

From  $106.00
Layering Necklaces
Necklace Pairing

"Stardust" & "Ross" Layering Necklaces

From  $118.00

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