Shopping online has become everyone's go-to method of shopping. It's easy to browse online for clothes in between Zoom calls, and quickly order that last pair of shoes before they sell out. But when it comes to jewelry, shopping online gets harder. It can be difficult to pick out pieces of jewelry online, especially when you cannot try on pieces in person.
Here at Sarah Cornwell Jewelry, we have carefully curated pairings of jewelry pieces that are perfect to wear everyday or give as a gift. Pairings may look like earrings and a necklace, or versatile necklaces that can be layered. They are perfect for busy women looking for something quick and easy to add to their outfits.

We keep the shopping easy by selling some of our favorites and most popular pieces together in pairs. And since trying on in-person is not an option, our necklaces are now adjustable which makes it easier.  You can find them under Pairings on our website. Another added bonus is that they are $10 off together!



October 27, 2020 — Sarah Cornwell