"Poppy Love" was never meant to be one of SCJ's longest selling and most popular necklace...

When I lived in Arizona I would attend the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show every February for several days at a time. With my backpack on, my comfiest sneakers and a credit card, I would walk aisle after aisle. I swear I would see sparkles when I would finally leave the shopping tents.

gemstone necklace, sarah cornwell jewelry, sarah cornwell

I had no plan but to buy whatever brought me joy. Which was fun but could get very overwhelming. I would arrive home with so many gemstones and pearls and no real plan for them. But it was HEAVEN!

So "Poppy Love" was born... All of my favorite gemstones, handpicked with true love, and gently wire wrapped together to create a stunning but still subtle necklace. 

Each "Poppy Love" is one of a kind. I receive many messages from customers about how they are coming back to buy a silver one because "they needed one in each metal" and already had one in gold. Or how they are stopped on the street because a stranger wants to ask about the gemstones in their necklace. 

The 36 inch length enables the necklace to be worn long or doubled up. Pair itwith a simple white t-shirt and jeans... and let our "Poppy Love" shine! 

The "Poppy" Collection has grown:

gemstone bracelet by Sarah Cornwell Jewelry, Sarah Cornwell

"Poppy Love Bracelet"


blue and green gemstone necklace by sarah cornwell jewelry, sarah cornwell

"Poppy Seaside"


gemstone necklace with front toggle by Sarah Cornwell jewelry, Sarah Cornwell

"Front Toggle Poppy"


white pearl and white gemstone necklace, Sarah Cornwell Jewelry, Sarah Cornwell

"Poppy Linen"
Sarah Cornwell