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Let's Get "Personal" for the Holidays!

Let's Get "Personal" for the Holidays!
This holiday season, you might not be able to celebrate with family and friends in person, which makes the gifts you give even more meaningful. Personalized jewelry is the perfect gift for all the women in your life: grandmothers, moms, sisters, best friends, daughters, aunts, mother-in-laws, and so many more. You can gift pieces of jewelry that are specific to them by adding personal details such as birthstones, the names of their kids and grandkids, and coordinates of their favorite places.
We introduced three new personalized pieces right before the holidays this year. The "Alex" Three Name Necklace and "Drew" Initial Necklace are perfect for moms with multiple kids. The Alex Necklace has names of the kids and the Drew Necklace is initials and birthdays of kids. The Brooklyn Bracelet has the initials of someone special in your life. Find lots of other personalized options on the "Personalized" page of our website.




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Friends Collection


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