So maybe there isn't the "perfect" marriage but this relationship is pretty close....
I  have been personalizing jewelry for over 10 years. And I have been working with the stunning gemstone, Chalcedony, for almost 20 years.  These two met and fell in love which lead to "Camila". 
The "Camila" Necklace includes 3 initials on each disc and a single aqua chalcedony gemstone. All on a dainty, 18 inch, link chain. The best part? "Camila" can be created in 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver.
personalized disc necklace with a chalcedony gemstone in gold
personalized disc necklace with initials and a chalcedony gemstone necklace
mom wearing a personalized necklace with her boys initials
June 07, 2021 — Sarah Cornwell

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