Packing for vacation is hard.  Not too much, not too little.  And just when you’ve finally decided what clothes to bring… the jewelry!!!

Jewelry packing doesn’t have to be an afterthought that ends in the “grab & stuff” method (believe me, this is not a good strategy).  Haphazardly tossing half your jewelry box into your carry-on on the way out the door will only leave you wrestling with a tangled mishmash when you get to your destination. Investing in a travel jewelry box or roll is well worth it to help keep your jewelry safe during your trip.

Try our method for strategically packing a perfectly versatile collection of travel-ready essentials that will have you covered from morning coffee runs and shopping, to the beach or a night out!  These are the hardworking pieces you can easily mix & match to achieve different looks.  Sound daunting?  You can do it.  And your carry-on will thank you.

First, some simple studs.  Studs are classic & versatile.  You can wear them alone or in an ear stack and they are perfect for adventures or any time you’re on the move and just want a little sparkle.  We always love a simple ball stud, or consider chalcedony studs or circle studs for a unique, yet infinitely wearable base piece.

Next, a statement earring.  Something timeless & stunning, like the Phoebe earrings, that you can throw on to be the star of the show, or pair with other pieces for a more elevated look.  These should make you feel amazing when you put them on and put you instantly on “island time”.  We love the shimmer & unique shape of the Luna earrings or the super versatile and perfectly sized Abbey earrings too.

Now for a statement necklace.  You can go so many directions with this.  Maybe a simple, but bold chain like the Charleston necklace.  Perhaps a long layer that “plays well with others” like the Amala necklace.  Or choose a sparkly gemstone piece, like the Poppy Seaside necklace, which can be worn long, doubled, or even wrapped around your wrist for ultra versatility.

A smart choice next is a layering chain.  Choose something that you love alone, but that also perfectly compliments your statement necklace.  Now you’re packing like a pro!  We love the Savannah chain or the Halo chain. These will take you anywhere on their own or they can pair up with other pieces for some swoon worthy combinations.  With a single dainty pearl, the Carys necklace is sweet and refined on its own and is another choice that loves to layer.

Now something to dangle from your wrist as you’re hailing a cab or sipping your favorite cocktail.  A versatile bracelet is a must-have.  A classic bangle, like the textured Caroline bangle, is an elegant choice.  Or a single chain like the Danny bracelet, or multi-chain like the Mina bracelet, will shine bright no matter what you pair them with.

Vacation is a great time to experiment with a new look. Also a good way to rationalize treating yourself to that beautiful piece you’ve had your eye on (wink, wink).  If you keep these 5 essentials in mind, you can curate your own personal travel collection that will keep you confidently adorned from morning mimosas to late night cocktails.  Happy travels!

Sarah Cornwell