10 Classic On Trend Wedding Jewelry Styles

  1. Gorgeous lariat gemstones.

2. Simple fresh water pearl bracelet.

3. Delicate Pearl Necklace

4.  Gorgeous white chalcedony earrings paired with a petite pearl choker.

5. Sweet pearl hoops, completely on trend paired with a single pearl lariat.

6. Dainty pearl and white topaz back necklace–this is a stunner!

7. Design for the subtle pearl lover, these wrapped pearl earrings and pearl lariat are a perfect match.

8. For minimalist, this beautiful one of a kind pearl pendant necklace.


9. Little Layers to accent your dress.

shell-white-gold copy

10. Add a splash of color with these long rose quartz gemstone earrings.


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We found it…

The Perfect Everyday Necklace!

The search has been on…everyone seems to be looking for that “perfect” everyday necklace. As beautiful, multi-tasking women there just isn’t a lot of time to put thought into our jewelry.  But darnit, we deserve to look trendy, put together and feminine. Thus was born our “everyday” necklace. And perfect is different for each of you! We know style and length is a personal choice, so we’ve designed something for everyone. Check out some of our favorites below.

Find your perfect “everyday” necklace here:








5 quick and easy gifts we promise she will love! (Pinky swear.)

Looking for a super quick gift for your favorite lady’s birthday or that special occasion. Here are our top five, in no particular order!

  1. Phoebe earrings. Our most popular large hammered earrings.Sarah Cornwell
  2. 3 circle necklace. The perfect every day necklace.3-circle-necklace4
  3. Stamped bangle. Add initials for that personal touch.gold-initial-bangles
  4. Dandelion bar necklace. Make a wish!Sarah Cornwell
  5. Sun hoops. Trendy hoops with a twist!sun-hoops-gold5 (1)We hope we made your gift giving a little easier! xoxo

Want to see someone do a little happy dance?

Okay guys, this past week we have all been inundated with sale posts, whether it be Nordstrom Sale, Target, Amazon Prime Days or whatever big retailer is cleaning house. I’ll admit it is really nice to find great deals– I  do love a good bargain. I mean who doesn’t want to save time and money, right?!

But, I need to get a little serious for a second. While, I totally shop at Amazon, J. Crew or Old Navy, etc….there is something about shopping local and shopping small that makes me feel like I am doing more than just contributing to the corporate beasts. When I visit The Yellow Door, Lotus Apparel & Home, The Doylestown Bookshop, Busy Bee Toys or Evolution Candy in town I know that I am supporting someone’s dream. As a small business owner, I know that every penny counts,  When we support a small business we are supporting our local community and economy. We are helping to foster growth and prosperity. Not only are we investing money into these small businesses, we also invest in our schools, police, fire department and all the things that make our communities tick. Small businesses offer that personal connection you just can’t get through a big chain store and we need those relationships now more than ever in the world we live in. We are creating jobs when we shop local and investing in our future community.

In no way are we saying NOT to buy from the Amazon’s of the world, but we are just suggesting the next time you need a present for a friend, a new lamp for the living room, a cute pair of jeans, a book for the beach, a kid’s birthday present or just have a candy fix…think of your local small businesses and support their dreams. It matters.

Off of our soapbox now! 🙂


SarahPhoto Jul 16, 1 24 46 PM

5 Quick Tips on how to Layer Necklaces

Wearing layers is all rage. Here are a few quick tips on achieving that perfect layered look. ⠀

1. Wear at least three necklaces at a time. Sometimes, you can do two but most times it’s three to really achieve that layered look.⠀

2. Mix up the length of your necklaces. Be sure you’ve got a good mix of clearly defined lengths, starting from the shortest of 15 inches to the longest at 32 inches.⠀

3. Keep your metals the same for a more cohesive look.⠀

4. Add depth by choosing different chain styles and textures. ⠀

5. Personalize your layers with initial necklaces, coordinates and symbols.⠀

We can’t wait to see all your layers!


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