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Holiday Gift Guide for Grandmother

Grandmother Necklace. This is the perfect gift for another grandmother from her grandchildren. A sweet every day necklace makes a thoughtful holiday gift. Rachel Earrings. Our most popular every day earrings. The Rachel earrings are hammered 14k gold or sterling silver, dainty, light weight and perfect for every woman. Vera Necklace. A beautiful hand stamped …


Holiday Gift Guide for your Special Lady

Poppy Love Necklace. Photos do not do this necklace justice! So many semi precious stones: peridot, tanzanite, sapphires, aquamarine, chalcedony, freshwater pearls, emeralds, garnet, tourmaline, lemon quartz, citrine, iolite, amethyst, smokey quartz, crystal quartz, and so many more! This necklace is 36″ in length and can be doubled wear in multiple ways. She will be stunned …


How to Wear Statement Earrings 101

Think minimal everywhere but your earrings! Let your earrings be your focus. Pull your hair back (do the ever-popular top knot or throw it in a pony.) For all your ladies rocking the short hair–those earrings will showcase themselves. Go monochromatic with your outfit to really let those earrings be the your statement piece. Everyone …


Wearing Jewelry with Meaning

Jewelry has long been known to carry personal meaning. From the your diamond engagement ring to your grandmother’s pearls, there is sentimental value and attachment to so many pieces. The link between jewelry and loved ones is strong. Initial necklaces are a very popular way to honor and wear your loved ones with you. Reemerging …


Your Guide to Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are an essential part of your jewelry collection. This is one trend that we see staying around for a long time. While statement earrings can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, metals, etc…its still the bigger the better, right? Here are just a few statement earrings that we think are timeless and will …

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