We want our customers to feel a sense of beauty in everyday, that is why we make jewelry for the everyday woman — easy to wear, versatile, and soft. Every piece is handcrafted with the intent for women to feel feminine and fearless.

My name is Sarah Cornwell and I am the lead designer and owner of Sarah Cornwell Jewelry. I have always been an avid shell collector and really a collector of anything from nature (gemstones, bird nests, bones).  I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and had loved the work I was doing with adolescents. However, once I started raising my own family, I found social work difficult due to emotional and time demands. I also noticed more of a need for an artistic outlet. I fell in love with the idea of turning my love of nature into something tangible and beautiful. My design style evolved into the coastal inspired jewelry it is today. I love the bright corals, cool greens, crisp whites, and curious shapes of the beach and strive to create that in every piece.

Each jewelry collection is designed and handcrafted in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. We are committed to creating beautiful timeless jewelry. We are a small and talented team, designing, making, packing, and shipping each piece with care. We take pride in seeking out quality pearls and gems and building relationships with our time trusted dealers. We value the relationships created with each customer and strive to make each piece personal. We work hard to do what we love and are so grateful to share it with you.

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