Wearing Jewelry with Meaning

Jewelry has long been known to carry personal meaning. From the your diamond engagement ring to your grandmother’s pearls, there is sentimental value and attachment to so many pieces. The link between jewelry and loved ones is strong.

Initial necklaces are a very popular way to honor and wear your loved ones with you. Reemerging again after Meghan Markle started wearing Harry and Archie’s initials, the tiny gold circle necklace is back by popular demand and one of our TOP SELLERS!  It’s the perfect every day necklace and can be layered with other dainty every day necklaces to give you that extra styled look. Wear your children’s initials, your first or last initial, your husbands, or even just a letter that has meaning to you.

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About Author

My name is Sarah Cornwell and I am the designer behind Sarah Cornwell Jewelry. I began making jewelry in 2000 while living in Arizona. At that time, I was designing more southwest style pieces to appeal to my customers. However, I found myself always being attracted to pearls and neutral and pastel color gemstones that brought back memories from trips to the beach with my family when I was a kid. My design style evolved into the coastal inspired jewelry it is today. I love the bright corals, cool greens, crisp whites, and curious shapes of the beach and strive to create that in every piece.

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