Your Guide to Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are an essential part of your jewelry collection. This is one trend that we see staying around for a long time. While statement earrings can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, metals, etc…its still the bigger the better, right? Here are just a few statement earrings that we think are timeless and will keep you on trend throughout the seasons.

  1. Our gold hammered “Phoebes” are amazing. Lightweight for their size, they pack a punch when it comes styling! They go with everything, girl! Silver or gold–you cannot go wrong with these beauties!Sarah Cornwell
  2. The Sun Hoops. Hoops are the trendy, my dear and let me tell you these hoops will not steer you wrong. The gemstones take it up a notch and can be paired with the simplest of white tees to a LBD. Done and done.sun-hoops-gold5 (1)
  3. Threaders. For those of you own a pair a threaders you know just how awesome these earrings can be! For those of you who don’t–you need to get a pair ASAP.  These earrings never fall out and dangle like a champion. All your friends will want a pair!dsc_6336-2
  4. Next up are the “Edith earrings“. Talk about a unique take on a trendy hoop earrings. These ladies have major style. Edith-earrings
  5. And last but not least the “Amelia” earrings. Born from our love of hoops and gemstones, the “Amelia” are classy and trendy all rolled into one!Sarah Cornwell Spring 2019For more statement earrings from Sarah Cornwell Jewelry visit here! xoxo

About Author

My name is Sarah Cornwell and I am the designer behind Sarah Cornwell Jewelry. I began making jewelry in 2000 while living in Arizona. At that time, I was designing more southwest style pieces to appeal to my customers. However, I found myself always being attracted to pearls and neutral and pastel color gemstones that brought back memories from trips to the beach with my family when I was a kid. My design style evolved into the coastal inspired jewelry it is today. I love the bright corals, cool greens, crisp whites, and curious shapes of the beach and strive to create that in every piece.

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