Design inspired by 3 things….

Over the years, I’ve heard many other artists talk about their design inspiration coming from beautiful experiences like a trip to Italy, spending summers in Maine, having parents who were quirky and amazing artists or so many other coveted experiences. But I really was not sure where my inspiration came from. I always wished I had an inspiring story to share that would make people fall in love with my designs…but I really didn’t.

Now, after 15 years of designing my inspiration has become clear to me. My inspiration is fueled by three sources…

  1. My love of searching for and collecting gemstones, seashells and anything from nature. When I was younger I rarely looked up when walking because my eyes were searching the ground for nature’s treasures. Boxes of bones, bird nests, fossils, sand dollars, and similar items could be found in the basement, bedroom and back porch of my family home.
  2. My love of home and garden design. I remember my mom once telling me that we (my maternal family) were “nesters”. We love our homes, plant deep roots, and spend a lot time and energy “loving” our homes. Since I was a teenager, I have always “peeked” (I never even got close to breaking the law) in people’s windows while going on long walks to see their paint color, bookshelves and chandeliers. A garden bed filled with a variety of hostas would give me the goose bumps. A blue slate garden walk softened by lush moss made me swoon.
  3. Becoming a multi-tasking mom of 3 who still loved the things above but also now had so many more responsibilities. Although I often miss a shower and my hair is pulled back in a low bun (not because it looks cute but because I was running late for something), I still wanted to look and feel “pretty”. Our jewelry designs are dainty and simple. Pieces that can go along with busy women who are muti-tasking and wearing different hats throughout the day. Our designs are transitional, have a classic feel, and will last the test of time (and trends that come and go). But most importantly, our designs are “Effortless, Graceful and Stunning” just how every woman should feel, washed hair or not.

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