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If you have taken a stroll through the streets of Doylestown, PA lately,  you may have noticed a lovely boutique called Lotus. The shop sits conveniently on East State Street, right next to Nonno’s Coffee Parlor. Recently, those of us at SCJ had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with the owner of Lotus, Erin McLaughlin, on the photo shoot of our Spring/Summer 2016 jewelry collection. Erin helped showcase the jewelry, by kindly providing the clothing for our models, as well as styling them. We just fell in love with her shop, and Erin was so enjoyable to work with that we felt it only appropriate to introduce her to you!


Meet Erin!

Erin opened Lotus Apparel & Home about 3 and half years ago, after working in retail for over 20 years, as a manager and buyer. Her experience was gained in the same retail space where Lotus is located today. When the previous owner decided to close up shop, Erin saw it as the perfect opportunity to open a shop of her very own.

The inspiration for her career choice came from watching her mother while growing up, who is an avid lover of fashion and has always had a great sense of style. As one of 7 children, the middle of 5 girls, Erin looked to fashion as a way to express her individuality. Her personal style, which she describes as a, “mix of edgy and feminine with a bit of bohemian,” can definitely be seen reflected in the style and look of Lotus.

For Erin, Lotus has been more than just a shop, it has been a new beginning. As Lotus means “new beginning,” the success of the shop has been symbolic of the fresh start she was hoping for.  She thanks the encouragement and support from her family and friends, as well as loyal customers and other local business owners for Lotus becoming what it is today.

Erin likes to start her day at Lotus by checking her email and grabbing a coffee from Nonno’s. The shop is open 7 days a week, so most days you will find Erin there, but her mom, Jane, is occasionally there to offer a helping hand. When Erin isn’t running the shop floor, she is always on the hunt for new clothing and jewelry pieces to offer at Lotus. Erin says,

“When buying for Lotus, I look for well made clothing from both well known designers, to small up and coming designers. I don’t purchase any clothing through catalogs or emailed line sheets, as I like to see everything up close and feel the fabrics. I purchase items I’m hoping customers will grab out of their closets on a regular basis and feel great wearing them.”

As for what can be expected of Lotus in the future, Erin says she is one to live more in the present. She thinks she might want to open another Lotus one day, maybe near the beach, but is perfectly content for the moment with her small shop in Doylestown, as she loves the town and the people in it.


Make sure the next time you’re in town, to go and introduce yourself to Erin and to look out for some SCJ jewelry at Lotus! The shop is located at:

8 East State St
Doylestown, PA 18901

In the meantime, you can check out her shop here!


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My name is Sarah Cornwell and I am the designer behind Sarah Cornwell Jewelry. I began making jewelry in 2000 while living in Arizona. At that time, I was designing more southwest style pieces to appeal to my customers. However, I found myself always being attracted to pearls and neutral and pastel color gemstones that brought back memories from trips to the beach with my family when I was a kid. My design style evolved into the coastal inspired jewelry it is today. I love the bright corals, cool greens, crisp whites, and curious shapes of the beach and strive to create that in every piece.

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