Sapphires Are This Girls Best Friend

I have fallen in love with sapphires and have used them in many recent designs. You may be familiar with sapphires, they are typically a blue color stone. The traditional sapphire is gorgeous! However…IMG_7303

…sapphires can be found in a variety of colors. Trace amounts of elements such as irontitaniumchromiumcopper, or magnesium can give sapphires a blue, yellow, purple, orange, or green color. Stunning, right?!



One of our most popular earrings at the moment are the sapphire bar earrings. Here they are in pink sapphire with a sweet necklace to match.



We are having so much fun creating different looks with the bar style necklace and various hues of sapphires.


Navy Blue Sapphire with a 14K Gold Filled Chain



Blue Ombre Sapphires with Sterling Silver and Coordinating Earrings in Sapphire




Layering Bar Necklace with the Custom Stamped Tag Necklace — THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE!!



Our palette of rainbow hued sapphires!

We are seeing our bridal customers fall head-over-heels for sapphires as well! This funky bride has the perfect custom necklace to complement her day.



Sapphires are for the traditional girl who admires the purity of the blue stone, or for the girl who likes to shake things up and get a new color on. We can’t seem to stop buying sapphires, so keep in touch with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy to see the newest designs!

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