SCJ in the City



Three times a year, Hannah and I wake up super early in the morning to catch a 5:30 bus to New York City for a 14 hour day of shopping. Yes, shopping!!! 

We walk all over Manhattan visiting our favorite gemstone and pearl dealers in search for the PERFECT stones. We have been visiting the same shops for years, now it feels like we are visiting old friends.


We also get the inside scoop on what is new and get to go to the back of the shop to choose stones that are not available to other buyers. We feel a little like celebrities, but not really. The shops are filled with walls of shimmering color and texture. I know I’ve said it before, but it really is like a candy shop!



We go to lunch at the same pizza place on 42nd Street, I don’t even know the name of it. We walk and walk from shop to shop collecting strands and strands, weighing down our backpacks with thousands of dollars of stones. I get inspired by the people we pass, what they are wearing, and how they are wearing it. The city is filled with a buzz of energy. Our trips are super intense, but so relaxing too.

We already can’t wait for our next trip.

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