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I have fallen in love with bridal dress designer, Kelly Faetanini. Her gowns have a classic silouhette with a modern touch incorporating intriguing fabrics, textures, and color. Her styling is impeccable and feminine, uniquely designed, but cohesive. I was introduced to Kelly Faetanini on a recent surf on the Knot website and immediately started following her on Instagram and Facebook. That same week, I was sent a note to check out a dress designer at Ashe B. & Co.a local bridal boutique. It was Kelly Faetanini.

Kelly grew up in Sandusky, Ohio where she learned the skill of tailoring from her grandmother. She nurtured Kelly’s creativity and encouraged her to follow her passion. She attended the International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago where she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. Kelly was a designer at Priscilla of Boston before she decided to take the leap to create and launch her own gown collection. And I am so grateful she did!

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